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Most recently changed bugs
64bit Zoom Player   (Zoom player)
"Unknown error" OSD displayed   (Zoom player)
Apply 'nav-enter' setting to mouse double click as well   (Zoom player)
Improvements to Media Library   (Zoom player)
Video Preview on File Browser   (Zoom player)
Zoom to mouse position   (Zoom player)
Warning Message for Video Renderer Field   (Zoom player)
LAV Audio Profile for QuickTime Generic   (Zoom player)
Minor Inconsistency in Options Wording   (Zoom player)
Possible Missing Words in Help File Entry   (Zoom player)
Changes to Taskbar Buttons   (Zoom player)
Lock Down Settings on Zoom Player   (Zoom player)
Suggested Improvements to Thumbnails   (Zoom player)
Skin (OSD) Issue   (Zoom player)
Indicator for run as admin   (Zoom player)

Most recently closed bugs
Buttons in Zoom Player taskbar popup   (Zoom player)
Audio Mode left click   (Zoom player)
Chapter points should include Zoom defined chapter points   (Zoom player)
Random file from playlist with click to play   (Zoom player)
Skin install clears currently playing media and playlist   (Zoom player)
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